Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Operational Scar - What's Module 6

Finally reaching to the module 6 of Operational Scar.The module 6 of Operational Scar is titled "Elevated Grounds".

Module 6 - Elevated Grounds.

The module "Elevated Grounds" of Operational Scar covers 4 tactics and some other suporting tricks.

The Tactic 1 inside this is a secret to affiliate scheme.You just have to set a site.There is nothing to do with optimization,i.e you don't have to bother about how this site will get up in search engine ranking.In short,you can say that this is a set and forget scheme.

Tactic 2 is entitled “Sneaky Meta Description Tactic” and is a very clever technique to draw attention to a mid-ranking site which would draw you traffic away from higher ranking sites, without actually having to increase your ranking.

Tactic 3 is entitled “The Headline Tweak” and it lays down the format for best type and format of headline to cover more attention and more traffic.

Tactic 4 entitled “Testimonials” details on how to obtain and maximise the use of customer testimonials.

There is another topic "Quick Site Tweaks" that teaches the methods which can increase conversions by more than 35%.

Module 6 of Operational Scar is fairly large and covers indepth details on making money from webpage with heavy conversions.

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