Saturday, May 29, 2010

Operation Scar - What's Module 2

Coming to Module 2 of Operation Scar.The Module 2 of Operation Scar is "Electronic Warfare 2" and contains two distinct methods inside it.

Module 2- Electronic Warfare 2

The two methods discussed in this module of Operation Scar are:
1)Tactical Espionage.
2)Feeds Strike.

"The Tactical Espionage" Method actually comprises of recognizing hungry buyer markets and providing them with solution,which in this case is the product they need.Since the marketed is targeted , so the selling will on the roof and one can expect heavy sales in such a waiting market.Locating such markets is itself a reward in itself and coming up with the awaited products can do wonders.The best part about this technique is that you can discover several such markets and the profits when combined all-over will be something very extraordinary.

"Feeds Strike" targets the unusual trends in the market.The author of Operation Scar have personally acheived very fast results from this technique.This unusual trends have the power to bring on sudden spikes in the profit.The trends have a hidden buyer crowd in them and when used with the guidelines,will expose the hidden buyer crowd to the demandable market for your quick cash.

Finally,module 2 of Operation Scar has the capability to make profits in plenty.The hungry buyers and the hidden buyers in trends will make a heavy profit online.

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