Friday, May 28, 2010

Operation Scar - What's Module 1

Let's analyse Module 1 of Operation Scar.The Module 1 of Operation Scar is "Electronic Warfare 1" and contains two distinct methods inside it.

Module 1 - Electronic Warfare I

The two methods discussed in this module of Operation Scar are:
1)The Secret Ally
2)Desperate Measures.

The Secret Ally Method actually comprises of some unorthodox ways to tap in keywords which are highly profitable but are undiscovered,and if you have some experience in the internet marketing industry,then you can easily get into hold what an undiscovered,profitable keyword can do.Tapping onto such keywords alone can be monetized in several ways.With such a discovery,one can rake in the profits without worrying about competition.

Desperate Measures teaches two things.The first is to leverage the power of emotions to see the quick profits from the traffic consisting of desperate buyers.The second
method teaches how to bring in FREE traffic to make a fortune without considering of any money investment from your side.

Overall to say that it is a very well written module and is certainly the sign of things to come in the remaining modules. Electronic Warfare Part 1 contains techniques that you can quickly and easily implement and, in my view, is worth the purchase price of the entire course of Operation Scar alone.

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